popcornPopcorn is really neat, fun to make and fun to eat! If you watched Barney the Dinosaur back in the day, then you know that sentence is not my own, but from a song sung by the friendly purple dino himself! It’s a catchy little tune. If you aren’t familiar with it, youtube it so that you can sing it next time you are making some homemade popcorn. Wait a second, did you just say you don’t make homemade popcorn?? You make microwave popcorn?! Ahhh! The horror! That overpriced, over chemicaled, radiated pathetic excuse for popcorn!

Sorry about that. Now that I’ve composed myself, let me educate you poor ignorant souls on the simple pleasure of making one’s own popcorn. You really don’t need any fancy equipment. Just a pan or kettle with a lid. This 5 Gallon Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Lid would be good. Of course you will also need some popcorn kernels, preferably homegrown organic corn, but any kind will do. You also need some oil to pop it in, don’t even think about reaching for your vegetable or canola oil! That stuff is nasty! I want you to grab your reserved bacon grease from the fridge. Wait a minute, did I just hear you say that you don’t save your bacon grease after frying your bacon?! Give me a moment here, I feel a bit dizzy! Wooh, ok, now that the shock has passed, I want to heavily encourage you to always save your bacon grease! This heavenly by product of bacon is to be cherished, not wasted! I love popping my popcorn in it, but it has oh so many uses! Quick confession before I continue on, there was indeed a time in the not so distant past, that I too tossed my bacon grease, that salty smoky goodness, right into the trash, but thankfully I was reached by a bacon grease missionary in a wonderful cookbook, who saved me and thus my bacon grease forever and ever, amen. Ok, didn’t mean to get all preachy on ya, but I am passionate about bacon grease. Back to the popcorn.

Put a tablespoon or 2 of bacon grease or lard if you have it, into your pan, turn it to high, now add in about a cup of kernels. Make sure you are using a big pan or kettle those little kernels sure expand! Grab an oven mitt and shake you pan back and forth over the hot burner. That’s it, keep shaking! Shake back and forth until the popping starts slowing down, or the popcorn starts to lift off your lid! Now transfer your popcorn into bowls. You are almost done. These last steps are crucial to making amazing popcorn. Put about a 1/4 cup of butter into that hot pan, melt the butter on low. I hope you are using real butter and not margarine! Some atrocities just can not be forgiven! Ok, now that your real butter (preferably from grass fed cows) is melted, drizzle it all over your popcorn. Now grab your Sherpa Pink Gourmet Himalayan Salt, 5lbs Fine Grain. Incredible Taste. Rich in Nutrients and Minerals To Improve Your Health. Add To Your Cart Today. … sea salt, you only have white table salt, heavy sigh, ok that will have to do, but put himalyan sea salt on your shopping list please! Now if you want to take your popcorn to the next level of deliciousness sprinkle some Bragg Organic Yeast Seasoning-4.5 oz on it! Shake it all up, this takes practice, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time at all. Even experienced professionals such as myself sometimes spill a bit of popcorn onto the floor.

There you have it folks! Delicious, nutritious homemade popcorn! Kick back, watch a movie, and start munching!