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Ready to throw in the towel

Yep, that’s right. In regards to my attempts to make money on fine print america. I have spent way to many hours uploading and editing pictures for $0 in return. Yuck. What a waste of time. Oh well, live and … Continue reading

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Making Money Selling Art

Is it possible. I hope so! I love taking pictures, doodling, painting, sketching, so on and so forth! I am attempting to make some money for my efforts! I have had success face painting, that has been enjoyable and profitable. … Continue reading

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Save Time and Money With Freezer Meals!

Every homesteader values a home cooked meal. However, not every homesteader wants to spend every evening slaving away in their kitchen. Thank goodness for the convenience of freezer meals! No, not the freezer meals you buy from the store. Those … Continue reading

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