Ugly Christmas Sweater

I’ve never been to an ugly Christmas sweater party, but I want to go to one. I may just end up having one here if I don’t get any invites! With that being said, I’ve gone ahead and have created the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for myself. Ok, it is technically a sweatshirt, but oh well, they are way more comfortable anyways! I created it on Teespring. A custom design t shirt website I am currently addicted to. There are worse addictions than designing shirts right? Like video games, gambling, drinking, cleaning and cooking…Ok maybe not those last two. Speaking of which, I should get off this computer and go and do some of that, but first I must show you this shirt! If you love it buy one for yourself, or any rabbit lovers in your life!


About Melissa Hartner

I am a mother of 4 little girls. A wife. A lover of nature. A farm girl at heart. I love anything food or health related. I strive to contribute more to this world than I consume. I enjoy learning and teaching!
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