Bacon and morel mushroom pizza and some thoughts on buying local

I have to share a recipe that I created yesterday. It was amazing! I made a pizza crust following this recipe by betty crocker

I changed it up a bit by using half whole grain spelt flour and half white flour. Both organic of course! Ideally they would have been sprouted flour but, things are not always ideal in this world, of course that doesn’t typically stop me from striving for the ideal. Why sprouted? Because grains have antinutrients in them, which are bad for our health. When you sprout the grains they are more easily digested by the body and better for you. You can buy sprouted grain flour online, or even make it yourself. I haven’t yet but intend to. I also made sure to use real salt, organic sugar, and olive oil for the crust.

For the sauce I used my homemade ranch, which this time around contained homemade mayonaise! I followed the healthy home economist’s recipe for the mayonaise. It was super easy! Here is the recipe 

I made sure to use eggs from a local farm down the road. They were on sale fo $1 a dozen! Reason: hardly any of us goes out of our way to buy eggs, or other foods for that matter, directly from the farmer these days, so this farmer had a surplus. Instead, we prefer to shop at huge grocery stores that sell factory raised chicken eggs among other atrocities, because it’s “convenient”. I am guilty of this myself, but have really become good at seeking out local farmers and giving them my business. I enjoy meeting them, talking with them, seeing their animals, and paying them money for food that they’ve put their hearts and sweat into…Knowing that I am cutting out the middle men makes me happy. Is it more work to acquire good locally produced food? Yep, but it is worth the time investment. The kids also enjoy tagging along and at times getting to run around the farm and pet the animals! It sure beats trying to keep them content at the grocery store! Ok, back to the recipe.

For the toppings I diced up half an onion and sauteed it in leftover bacon grease (this particular bacon was obtained from Trader Joe’s, ideally it should have come from my favorite farmer down the road, but the price was to hard to pass up. $2 for a lb of ends and pieces, no preservatives, specifically no nitrates which are terrible for us!) Speaking of bacon, I must share a story. A year or two ago, when I was just starting to become really aware about food and preservatives, I was in Target looking at bacon trying to decide which brand to buy. The only brand that didn’t contain preservatives was twice the price of the other brands. I was standing there trying to decide if it was really worth it, seriously having an inner struggle over the price, well at that moment, a lady who clearly was going through chemo, came along and grabbed a pack of the cheap preservative packed bacon. Well, that was a sign from God I figured, and with that I grabbed the expensive bacon! Eating right and spending adequate money on food is an investment in our health. Our health is the number one thing that we should invest in! If you make a million dollars investing in the stock market, but don’t invest in proper nutrition, odds are you’ll die prematurely or feel crappy on a daily basis and you won’t even be able to enjoy the life of luxury that kind of money could afford you. If the choice is between being finacially rich and feeling like crap or financially poor but feeling good, I would choose the latter of the two. Of course the ideal is financially rich and feeling good, and that is what I strive for. Anyways, back to this recipe. I rehydrated some dried morel mushrooms that my husband had harvested last year, (if you’ve never had morel mushrooms you don’t know what you are missing) I sauteed the mushrooms with the onions, and threw in some ripped up pieces of leftover bacon. I seasoned with salt and pepper and  put it on top the pizza. Next, I covered it with gouda and romano cheese which I picked up in block form and grated myself. The cheese ideally would have been from a local farmer, or made in my own kitchen, but at least it was free of growth hormones. After the pizza came out of the oven I topped it with some mixed organic greens that I diced up. I am telling you this pizza was amazing! I was pretty proud of myself. Cooking this way, and obtaining the ingredients is certainly time consuming, but the self satisfaction and feeling of achievement that comes with it is priceless. I hope all of you are finding ways to feel some sense of self satisfaction and achievement. If not, look in your kitchen, I bet you could figure out ways to find it there!

About Melissa Hartner

I am a mother of 4 little girls. A wife. A lover of nature. A farm girl at heart. I love anything food or health related. I strive to contribute more to this world than I consume. I enjoy learning and teaching!
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