Wish I knew how to blog

I did not realize how much difficulty I would have making this blog! I thought blogging would be a great way for me to have an outlet for all these thoughts dancing in my mind, and would bring some much needed stress relief, but so far I am more frustrated than relieved! Plus the kids are badly wanting my attention. Perhaps I should scrap this whole thing..on second thought I will let the television play babysitter for a bit!

I am a work at home mama and boy it can be lonely. Try having an intelligent conversation with a three year old..I am literally starved for an in depth conversation with someone who cares about the same things I care about. I have the feeling that I drive my family a little crazy with my thoughts on the ills of our society and the dangers lurking in their favorite man made processed crap they refer to as food. I am indeed the black sheep of the family, because I care about health and nature, including of course the all important, (yet declining in population,) honeybees! Do you get the title of the blog now? Black sheep and honeybees?

Anyways my intentions of writing a blog is for the following:

A. Educate people.

B. Learn something new from my readers.

C. Do a little (or a lot of) venting.

D. Inspire others to lead a more natural lifestyle! If a former cigarette smoking, junk food junkie/litter bug (your’s truly) can morph into a garden growing, raw milk drinking, hippy (my current status) then there is truly hope for anyone!!

That’s all for now. I’ve got to nurse my youngest daughter Meadow, and yes every true hippy must give their child a nature name!

Write to ya later! Melissa

About Melissa Hartner

I am a mother of 4 little girls. A wife. A lover of nature. A farm girl at heart. I love anything food or health related. I strive to contribute more to this world than I consume. I enjoy learning and teaching!
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